Why you Should be Working Out at a Gym

There are a lot of ways to work out, and hey, who doesn’t want to get muscles and lose all of the weight that just can’t seem to get off? But why would you work out when you can look up the newest hot trend and lose a hundred pounds in two weeks and not have to change anything, right? Because you know, which is why you haven’t done it, that it won’t be gone. It’ll just continue to be a bill to pay to try to lose a couple of pounds and then feel like a shmuck when a newer trend pops up.

So, what should you do?

Try to work out at home, where you have things to keep you occupied but work out? Or, as so many people have done and succeeded at, work out at a gym.

There are a thousand articles and people who say, “no you can work out at home, it’s exactly the same!” but it’s not, and I’ve got a list of my favorite reasons that working out at a gyms is better than at home.


Reason 4 – Getting to interact with people

Yes, I am a mirror watcher in the gym, as well as a person who takes great gym selfies for fun! No, I am the furthest thing from a bodybuilder. The myth of gym’s being only for the bulky and brainless is ridiculous, and just that, a myth. You find the most interesting people at the gym, that you may have never met anywhere else.

Mr. General Manager of that burger flipping place that you think only teenagers should work at and almost a doctor in psychology may never know each other outside of the gym, but they are best friends inside of it. Yes, there are the few and far between bodybuilders who make fun of the people who are not like them.

Over all, most of the people who go to a gym are just like you, people trying to make themselves feel better. There are thousands of people who go to gyms, why wouldn’t you want to meet people?

Reason 3 – To Make Sure You’re Able

Going to a gym is a great way of getting healthy. Or staying healthy. Or starting on the way of being healthy. It is easy to find a “beginners” workout on the internet, but doing that isn’t going to help push you past that.

Most gyms offer some form of free assistance, either a free private trainer for an allotted time, who can be hired later if you are the type to need that one on one, or just staff members walking around to offer help. Plus, any classes that gym offers always welcomes new people and are usually able to modify the experience to whatever level you are on.

Which means not overdoing it if you physically aren’t able and saving yourself a lot of pain. While working out is great for you and fun to do, it is also dangerous if done wrong and that is one of the reasons I prefer gyms over home workouts.